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November 15, 2018

ska party radio’s Montreal Ska Festival special 2018 menu

Hear’s our special episode dedicated to the Festival Ska de Montréal / Montreal Ska Festival menu that starts airing Thursday & beyond!

Tune in deats above on the “Ska Party Radio” tab.
More info on the Festival that happens November 22-24th @!

Features ♫ from the likes of:
The Planet Smashers
The Hangers
The Classy Wrecks
The Beatdown
Sound One
Danny Rebel & The KGB
The Sentries
Dub Trinity
King Kong Girio

November 1, 2018

ska party early November 2018 menu

our skalicious menu for November 1st and beyond is ready!
get the tune in deats by clicking “ska party radio” above
features ♫ from the likes of:
jfk and the conspirators
the valentines
clancy eccles
the skatallites
King Kong Girio
The Indecision
The Freecoasters
The Fuss
The Classy Wrecks
Kman and The 45s
The Baudelaires
The Mean Threes
The Slackers
Dope Soda

October 25, 2018

Ska Party end of October 2018 spooky menu

♫ our spooky menu for Thursday October 25th and beyond is ready! ♫

Click “ska party radio” above for all the air times!


hurtin’ buckaroos
the skatterbrains
Mad Bomber Society
The Planet Smashers
Los Furios
The Dead 60s
The Reigning Monarchs
Baked A La Ska
The Copacetics
The Royal Architects
The Slackers
Bad Manners
The Kingpins – SKA

September 5, 2018

ska party early September 2018 menu

♫ Check out the air times by clicking “Ska Party Radio” above!

July 25, 2018

ska party end of July 2018 menu

♫ Check out the air times by clicking “Ska Party Radio” above!

July 25, 2018

ska party late July 2018 menu

♫ Check out the air times by clicking “Ska Party Radio” above!

June 29, 2018

Radio Hootenanny end of June 2018

Catch our holiday special airing this weekend and early next week featuring:

lowest of the low*

Jr. gone wild*


erics trip*

­kick ptarmigan*

dany laj and the looks*

beard springsteen*


comeback kid*

rue bella*

the cleats*



Show times listed at

June 29, 2018

ska party end of June 2018

Catch our all Skanadian special airing this weekend and early next week featuring:


mad bomber society*

the flatliners*


random order*

the classy wrecks*


roots roundup*

prince blanco & dubmatix*

the bipolarizers*

the royal architects*

the skadoos*


king kong 4*

the planet smashers*

Show times listed at

March 13, 2018

ska party radio menu for Mid March 2018

ska party mid march 2018

Ska Party FM menu for the week of March 12th, 2018 is ready!
AND we do a feature on The Slackers!
♫ menu includes:

jackie estick
The Georgetown Orbits
Sound One
Krista D
The Elixxxirs
The Seaside Villains
Random Order
Erin Bardwell Collective

check out the air times @
and dance along!

March 9, 2018

Fundraiser Playlists!

tees to donate

we had an absolute blast spinning 2 hrs of radio hootenanny faves and then 2 hrs of ska party faves today in support of the LU Radio – CILU 102.7 FM fundraising week!

you can still donate by calling 807-343-8881 or via the web at

Hootenanny Playlist:

we’re not here to make friends – Talk Show Host*
let it be – Hangtime*
deepsave – Vypers*
let it shine – the gathering*
100 years – ACTORS*
008 – Mango Reinhardt*
sweet forever hereafter – The Shanks*
see the sun – Soft Wounds*
planet of fun – Dany Laj and The Looks*
september – Expanda Fuzz*
instant coffee lifestyle – T.C. Folkpunk*
oak island gold – Pretty Archie*
get wise – Rag Maple*
stand by me, yeah – Sloan Music*
have not been the same – slow*
come as you are – Rue Bella*
how long do we wait? – squarepeg*
cherry wine – Don’t You(,) Mean People?*
the slo – the balconies*
man & the sea – Double Date With Death*
it won’t happen again – Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset
london calling – Kensington Hillbillys*
last chance to see – raisin farmers*

Ska Party Playlist:

this is ska – bad manners
cars – Baked A La Ska
karma police – easy star all stars
nobody move, nobody get hurt – yellowman
black hole sun – SKAMPIDA
hey brother (do onto others) – The Frightnrs
right the wrong – The Fabulous LoLo meets King Kong Girio*
stuck on you – Slamboni*
come back darlin’ – The Liquidaires*
be free – The Doped Up Dollies
sydameni hullu – Moonhead Project featuring molly moonstone
career opportunities – The Valkyrians
party in JA – The Kingpins – SKA*
road rage randy – Kman and The 45s*
bed of nails – Skaface*
we do the ska (live @mtl skafest 2017 brunch) – Chris Murray*
save a bread (live @mtl skafest 2017 brunch) – chris murray*
dock of the bay – Phonosonics*
partners in crime – jfk and the conspirators*
don’t stay away – The Robustos
hey girl – The Classy Wrecks*
golden – Dope Soda*
sleepwalk – Los Rude Waves
skaravan – Watson Unlimited Music*
rudies all around – Hepcat
do you know? – The Slackers
on my radio – The Selecter