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October 17, 2018

Lee’s Palace night Thursday November 8

Whoa!  We are putting on a wee shindig at the fabulous Lee’s Palace in Toronto!

lees palace nov 8


Expanda Fuzz from Ottawa!
Like Mazzy Star run through a vintage fuzz pedal and synched to beats.

Hysterics from Newmarket!
no limit grunge/punk

DIRT GREEN from Toronto!
post post punk noise

Beach Fox from The Junction!
Two Piece Lofi Surf

more info @

January 5, 2018

Start of 2018 shows!

here’s what’s up for the start of 2018! OMG shows in Toronto, Kingston, Barrie, Oshawa, Beaverton and Ottawa!
♫ Thursday January 4th: double duty! on the bassy thingy with Mr. Jr. AND the hitty thingy with The Mightabins at Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret & Lounge! FB event deats at
♫ Saturday January 6th: on the bass with Tungsten playing yer fave classic rock covers all night at the Atria in Oshawa! FB event deats at
♫ Friday January 12th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hotdoggery in Barrie! ohhh lookie, faves Copper Crown on the bill too! FB event deats @
♫ Friday January 19th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at The Paddock Tavern as part of the SOTC – Winter ’18 festivus! FB event deats @
♫ Saturday January  20th: on the bass with Tungsten playing yer fave classic rock covers all night at Sham Rocks in Whitby! FB event deats @
♫ Friday January 26th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at The Toucan in Kingston! FB event deats @
♫ Saturday January 27th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa! FB event deats @
♫ Friday Feb 2nd: on the bass with Frankie Foo Lee’s Palace in Toronto! FB Event deats TBA
♫ Saturday February 3rd: on the bass with Tungsten playing yer fave classic rock covers all night at the Sports Bar and Grill in Beaverton! FB event deats @
♫ Saturday February 10th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hotdoggery in Barrie! FB event deats @
November 18, 2015

the Slackers in Ontario!


Its been 2 sonically deelish days of Slackers vibes. Been soaking it all in and still thinking back in shock. Did all that just really happen? We just witnessed so many great ska and rocksteady reggae moments that only the Slackers themselves can deliver. All their tunes are currently looping in our head and they likely will for days on end. Dang, they are good, SO GOOD. If you haven’t seen them in awhile, you can be excused for forgetting that they are the tip of the ska iceberg in oh so many ways and these last 2 nights proved it.

Sunday in Barrie, Ontario was a unique, one of a kind experience that you will never see them do again. it was dark. it was intimate. there was only 50 of us and the Slackers played their hearts out for us. Everyone who was there knows it was a special night & that show will live on fovever in my/our minds. They played SO many tunes from Wasted Days and a few new tunes and THEN playing an extra long encore set. Couldn’t be happier with how the night went. It was perfect and it was a dream come true to bring them to town! A massive thanks to the Foxx Lounge for hosting and to the Labcats for opening.

Then Monday at Lee’s Palace in Toronto was HUGE! They packed the joint from wall to wall and the band played at least 50% different material from the show the previous night and also highlighted Better Late Than Never. T’was a personal honour to spin grooves for the night and a tip of the hat to everyone who came up, said hi and chatted. The energy and genuine love for the band was in full swing and also the energy from the band towards audience was fantastic from the get go and we soaked it all in.

Thanks to everyone that made this past Sunday night in Barrie with the Slackers into one for the ages and then to everyone who filled the dance floor at Lee’s Palace on the Monday! Lets end with “I’d rather die happy” from Monday’s fantastic The Slackers show. 

Til’ next time Slackers and THANK YOU for 2 wonderful nights!

PS: here’s a collection of pics we took with the phone from the Slackers at Lee’s Palace show. ENJOY!

September 25, 2013

getting the chance to play feels like being lost in the best dream…

peter hook & the light!

peter hook & the light!

the dream continues & what a week that was! lets lay it out in quick fashion!

Tues: got to see the Selecter!  one of the essential 2-tone era ska bands that we had not yet had the pleasure to see live.  we even met the singer Pauline while she sat behind the merch table.  a steady stream of pics & book signings were the order of the moment.  she was great to chat with & share a few laughs.  their set was energy filled from start to finish.  we dared not leave the dancefloor so we could soak up the entire event. well worth the muscle soreness the next day & the chance to hear “celebrate the bullet” live.  that song is pure magic. we posted some pics on our Flickr.

Thursday: Mightabins first full band jam of the year followed by a Peter Hook and the Light concert! first off, the Mightabins have been wanting to jam for a long time but every1’s sked’s have been just too haywire of late.  but things now have cooled down & more jams are in order.  2 new punky songs came out of our first full band jam of the year. could a show be next?  then after the jam… the Peter Hook show was literally off the hook!  great to hear the early New Order material done so well & witness 2 bass players on stage!  & a father/son combo to boot!  memorable show indeed! we posted a few pics on our Flickr here. our ears just couldn’t get enough!

Friday: Gig! Amazing full night at Bigfoot Smokehouse!  Very casual atmosphere there & we played well with the Hayley Carro Trio. can’t wait to return! debut of a new cajon kick device went well (more on that in another post).  its a great step fwd that can’t be “beat”… hahaha.

Satuday: Outdoor Gig!  Stage got flooded.  Show cancelled.  ah well… the thing about outdoor shows is that they are absolutely the best when the weather co-operates but on the flipside can be a nightmare when the weather takes a turn for the bad.

Sunday: Open Mic! always a treat!  got to play a lot of bass & some cajon.  many hilights but one in particular had to be learning & then playing Duran Duran’s “Rio”(not once but twice!) that SAME day.  crazy fun!

its actually been a hectic past week & a half with 7 dates in the span of 11 days if u include our Open Mic duties.  well worth every note & every moment. as we like to put it:

playing music is like reading a good book you can’t put down.

every note a word.

every jam a page.

every show a chapter.

& we cant wait for what is next.

April 22, 2012

yukon blonde reviewish

we happened upon a free tix to go see Yukon Blonde at Lee’s Palace in Toronto last week.

expectations were low as we’d only heard the new single “stairway” once or twice. its catchy so how bad could it be?

well, they reminded us of an updated Grapes Of Wrath just with more technology behind their songs. their lead guitarist is good. really good. drummer impressively solid. bassist came out to the front with his awesome Ric more than a few times. that was nice to see him instead of not. the crowd banter was pathetic. “its so cool to be here” was said numerous times. they were all pretty much tall and super skinny which makes them an odd sight. also the 2 step lunge by the lead guitarist at the lead singer interplay seemed ok once but in every song??? in the end, we liked about 5 of their songs. what they are who knows.

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April 5, 2011

Review: NoMeansNo/Metz



Lee’s Palace, Toronto Stardate 04.04.11


caught the entire Metz set and was glad we did.  showing up at 915, we’d been predicting we’d miss out.  great sonic explosions with a blasts and beats that were reminscient of some early nirvana/sonic youth but wayyy better due to the high levels of energy coming off the stage. one tune sounded a tad like “negative creep”.  kept thinking that the guitarist was going to actually toss that geetar.  thats how much action there was onstage.  would go see these guys again in a heartbeat.

nomeansno hit the stage via soundcheck and casually got up and running.  a few Leafs jokes and some banter to the crowd and the band began to tear it up.  we’ve seen nomeansno 3 or 4 times now and this was not their best show but it was oh-so-close.  the older they get, the more impressive they are.  our personal hilites were hearing “theresa, give me that knife” and “its catching up“.  theresa was omitted last time we saw them so that was extra swell to hear.

we don’t think we stopped smiling the entire show.  when was the last time u could say that about a concert u were at?  they are just that amazing to watch and behold.  as we told our crew, nomeansno could go onstage and just make noize for 2 hrs and we’d be satisfied.  the sweat pouring off them was intense and matched only by the energy of the songs.  the night ended with 2 encores.  “victory” and thus giving notice to every band out there younger than them that this is truly what it takes and this is what its truly all about.

thx nomeansno, for once again showing us the way.  we were thrilled to witness!


Here’s the only video from the night that turned out ok.  All the others had wayyyy distorted audio.  Its a short but sweet ending of a song from Metz:

and here’s a slew of pics:

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we are still figuring out the best way to take pics/viz with our new camera and had some fun near the end of the show with the b/w and fishbowl effects.