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April 30, 2012

that’s a wrap April!

another month has flown by!


struggling with a flu bug for the later half of the month has made things more challenging but nonetheless, forward ho!

today we were sadden by the news that Molly’s Chamber, the cover act we left 7 weeks ago has now officially gone on hiatus. we thought it would be easy for them to find a replacement bassist as the material and the other players were quite solid. still unknown what exactly has transpired but its still sad news nonetheless. here’s to hoping they all land on their feet!


the dj nights at the Schomberg pub every Saturday have been a treat. the regulars and the casual atmosphere make for a great time out each and every time! its also been great to pick up on what’s new and happening in the music scene and to gauge what ppl want to hear. been havin’ a ball no matter who shows up!

also this past month, we’ve been jamming with a few guys we’ve known almost since day 1 on the bass. we have been lucky enuff to finally find a singer/guitarist that fits. so far its been a helluva lot of fun playing what we all like to play and hear in a no pressure/casual/just4kicks atmosphere. finally a group that wants to do a few Clash songs!


after Skipapalooza (pic=new sticks&bag this month!), the members of Rosalita asked us to become the permanent percussionist for the band. an offer in which we quickly/gladly accepted! its been a great way to keep our feet wet on the kit and also to learn/develop musically. the forecast calls for good times ahead & 2nite is our first official jam since the party. there’s lots of new material & a new bassist on the horizon as well!


Those Handsome Hooligans have been picking up speed for a rather hectic summer. expect more posts on that in the days ahead. expecting a tee shirt run in the near future. crazy! check out our posters while u sanitize!


lastly, we’ve been pickin’ at the ol’ geetar of late. been thinkin’ aboot an open mic nite in the near future. we’ll see. ah, so many songs, so little time… the fire that fuels us. new shoes this past month too! feels so good!

March 25, 2012

the Chamber door closes

just an quick update. things are moving fast here at the Hills (as u likely guessed) due to the lack of posts.

we had a killer show with Rosalita and Mollys Chamber on March 2nd at Duffys. Playing the drum kit for the Rosas has been wikked fun & we are enjoying the vibe immensely. Mollys Chamber’s new singer was on display for the first time with the band & hit a homer out of the park. great times all around!

here’s a megamix of some slightly distorted viz from the nite:

Mollys Chamber Megamix

Sadly though this was 2 be our last official show with the Chamber as we had to give our notice just this past week. it was a great 7 month ride with the band & we learned a helluva lot of new songs & we also learnt a lot about bass along the way. can’t wait to see the band at their next gig as we are 100% sure they will have no probs finding an eager replacement! if u know some1 interested apply at their website. more posts soon!

January 30, 2012

Gettin’ Jiggy with It

as Janaury comes to a close its been a whirlwind both off & on the music front.
first a BIG HELLO to this fine puppy:

this blog needs more sub woofer!

its been a life altering week already just with her in the mix. she’s great & well worth a few puppy hiccups.

add that Mollys Chamber finally narrowed down the decision on a new singer last week & things are sounding fantastic on that front! one official jam into the version 2.0 & its a bonafide upgrade that will delight every1’s ears & eyes.  first show is in under 5 wks at Duffy’s Tavern in Toronto on Friday, March 2nd.

that show will be a hootenanny!  not only will the Chamber be headlining with 2 face melting sets & debuting the new singer with a few new songs BUT yours truly will also be spinning rockin’ tunes throughout the evening AND drumming for the opener.  Whoa.  Whaaat? Waitaminute?  did you just say drumming?

for the time being, we’ve joined the ranks of Rosalita, a Bruce Springsteen cover act.  its got a female twist with all vocal duty being done all by the fairer sex.  its something that came our way unexpected but a few jams in & its sounding awesome already.  can’t wait to play for this show on all fronts but we are beyond cloud 9 because we finally get to do a show behind the kit again after a year &  a half (excluding a few open mics)! we’ve already broke a stick & busted thru our taped up kick drum head (again!) in prep for this BOSS debut. at least we got a few extra months out of it. looks like we need to do some percussion shopping!

busted again!

great times spinning tunes this past weekend.  so much work these past few wks catching up on what has been getting ppl moving lately but well worth seeing everybody groovin!

lastly, we have no idea why we called this post what it is. it just popped into our head!

January 2, 2012

wrapping up 2011

we’ve got a moment to blog so here’s a wrap on 2011:

Those Handsome Hooligans did 2 holiday parties in December to rave reviews and we had a blast!  t’was a great way to end the year off and keep us keen for 2012. we even made it to a gig in a full blown blizzard!  white knuckling indeed!

if u don’t follow our twitter feed, we scored some neon strings over the holidaze.  we’ve been dying to use them since we read about them in BassPlayer mag awhile back.  they look sick and hopefully sound and play well enough.  we’ll post something here when they make their way onto the bass.

2011 ended on a shocking note for Molly’s Chamber as we lost our singer.  so tryouts have been ongoing since the week before the holidaze and now we’ve trimmed the Chamber Idol list down to just 3.  we plan on making each of the 3 jam an entire night with us instead of just 30mins to get a better sense of them and then make a final choice.  fun but a lot of work.  i doubt we’ve ever played PJ’s “alive” so much and so often as we did during the tryouts!  here’s to hoping we get the ball rolling again quickly as gigs are already lining up! all 3 of the finalists are top notch so the outlook is fantastic!

we rented a traynor dynabass 200 to rave reviews for our last gig of 2011

the final count for gigs in 2011 was 41.  if u’d have said we’d play that much a year ago, we’d have laughed at ya.  to say we are pleased with how 2011 went we’d be understating the fact.  so many great times!  we truly had a blast this memorable past year!  its doubtful we’ll get to 41 again in our lives but never say never.  the learning curve was quick and steep in 2011 and well worth every note, every km travelled and every moment spent on the bass.  here’s to a rockin’ 2012!  lookin’ fwd to whatever lies ahead!

November 26, 2011

On Cue, On Time

the setup at oncue

a later starting Leafs game pushed back the start of an evening with Mollys Chamber at On Cue.  ah, such is the life of a band playing sporting-related venues.  we cut down the sets and for the 2nd show in a row, nailed our 2nd set. a great mix of rock, acoustic and dancier numbers that got some xtra spice with our funky hat.

also adding to fun, earlier in the day we had bought a 12v adapter and finally got the full moxy out of our catalinbread sft.  we had been browning it with the 9v and the change made a massive diff! more room to play and tweak.  can’t wait to play more and tweak more in the month ahead.  hands down, one of the best items we’ve obtained this past year.

as far as our playing goes, we had 3 brain cramps over the course of the evening but other than that we were generally pleased with the gig.  earlier in the week we’d passed over reviewing a couple of the songs thinking that we were good2go with them but alas yet another reminder to self to GO OVER EVERY SONG despite what u might think.

we cannot say enough about the fine and tasty perogies at OnCue.  always a highlight and highly recommended!  what are u waiting for?  grab your pool stick and feed bag!

oh, that's what we play? ha!

November 19, 2011

drop the D

fun with bass!

ya, we’ve never quite enjoyed dropping the D on our bass.  there are many reasons for this:

-retuning and having to make sure the bass stays retuned.

-bringing another bass to jams and shows so we don’t have to do the first point as much.  making sure that bass is tuned right.

-the sound isn’t all that great to our ears.  meaning, we understand why Drop D is popular and why some love it and how it sounds.  but the sound it produces to our ears just isn’t pleasant to us.  the drop sounds blurrs the line between the notes in our ears and it just either becomes a muddy mess in our head or just sounds completely off.  we often waver between having to play so precisely it produces a world of headaches or we just start throwing enough notes at the wall hoping something sticks.

-generally speaking, drop d songs are not our cup of tea.  very, very few have a place on our playlists. so if we are playing a drop song, it usually means having to learn a song we don’t know at all.

having said all this, our next night(this coming friday!) with Mollys Chamber includes at least 4 drop D songs.  ah well, our string of avoiding playing Drop songs is about to come to an end.  we’ll put our best foot fwd with the spirit of taking one for the team and hope someday some1 does the opposite for us.

November 11, 2011

recent videos au go go!

eton house stage. watch that railing!

just a quick post to review last weekend’s gig with Molly’s Chamber at the Eton House.  3 sets of rockin good times!  we had a soundperson but he didn’t do much other than run our mics thru the house PA which was a bit different than the norm.  folks said the sound wasn’t horrible and u could hear everything but not up to snuff for a gig with a soundperson.  despite not hearing much of the vocals and lead geetar while onstage(no monitors), we’d give ourselves a B for the overall performance.  getting more comfortable with the material is a high priority and there is lots of room to improve.  speaking of room, we were on a stage with a railing and we kept hitting our headstock on the pole at the end of the railing during the show. yet another reason to not gig with your best bass. poor EB3 took a beating but luckily no scars the next morning!  thx 2 all who came out to witness and the props.  we sure had fun and totally dug the overall vibe of the joint!

both the bands released some video evidence this week.

check out Eton House viz from Mollys Chamber from the homepage.

check out Orleans viz from Those Handsome Hooligans from the new youtube site.

enjoy and will blog soon!  finally a weekend off from gigs and a load of songs to learn from the likes of OLP, Velvet Revolver, Foo, Van Morrision, Hip, big wreck, coldplay, black keys, steve earle, doors & more!  lots of jams til the end of the month.  let the good times roll!

eton house back door

October 15, 2011

Mollys Debut Tonite!

ah, the finish line or starting line is in sight, depending on your point of view.  we’ve been busy learning 30 new songs on the bass these past 2.5 weeks in prep for tonite’s debut with Mollys Chamber.  crazy times indeed.  we know we will likely make a few mistakes or miss a few notes tonite despite our best efforts. but we’ll be putting our best foot forward and of course having so much fun doing it!

it been interesting having to put the pedal to the metal to see how much and how fast we can learn songs.  how some parts are hard to learn and memorize while others are easy.  how our brain works in these types of situations and how we can become a better bassist moving fwd.  after every session and jam though we’ve been left with the thought that this setlist is awesome and we’re so glad to be covering the low end on these wikked tunes!

expect a show review soon with some gear news too.  in the meantime, come out tonite or drop by the Mollys Chamber website for more info about the band and future shows!

October 3, 2011

housecleaning 4 ROCKTOBER!


its been awhile but fret not, we’ve been busy!

eb3 in action at orleans!

actually speaking of frets, we cleaned up our eb3 bass the other day only to notice one of the frets we never touch has a rust spot!  too funny!  good thing we never touch it there! curious as to when/how/why it happened?

anyways, here’s the recent bass scoop in short order:

1. we’ve left the reggae band toonice.  that not to say we’ll never play a show again with them but our days as a regular member are over. a tough decision but one soundly made with the present and future in mind.

2. those handsome hooligans are playing 2 shows this month!  one just happened this past weekend at Orleans in Newmarket and another is a very special halloween dressup affair on sat. oct. 29th at the Jamspot in Newmarket.  very exciting times indeed! omg, what to dressup as on the 29th??? our oct. 1st show was a sweet mix of jaw dropping jaw droppers, dancefloor filling dancefloor fillers and epic epics!  ppl hooted and danced and good reviews all round.  looking fwd to more hooligasms in the near future!

3. we’ve joined toronto cover band, mollys chamber!  we debut with them on oct 15th at the black cat in toronto!  very, very exciting!  great group with great songs! we are giving it our all to be ready to hit the ground running and jumping in time for our debut!

bonus: here’s a video of a solo hooligan warming up the crowd this past saturday with an acoustic version of chalk circle’s “sons&daughters” which is sooooooooo appropriate since we were supposed to go see chalk circle play that night until we got booked to play instead!  enjoy!