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August 6, 2011

peggy part 2

so we took peggy apart the other day:

we gather that if u understand electronics this makes sense.  we could barely make heads or tails out of it.  basically we checked to make sure nothing looked cracked or broken or wasn’t connected.  after poking and proding, we nervously put her back together with the hope that she’d be better but the issues still remain.  we’ll have to bring her in to see whassup.

as for her trial replacement, we got the traynor dynabass 200 for the weekend.  our first gig was last night and she was just ok.  we need 400w and not 200.  though our bandmates liked this amp as it was a improvement over peggy’s current state it was still not up to snuff for our liking.  the one highlight for us during the evening was we did get the darn thing to feedback when we wanted it to.  sounded so sweet to our ears and something peggy’s never done.  regardless of our amp trial and tweaking the entire night, the show at the wild moose near haliburton was an historic fun filled evening and we can’t wait to return!  playing their grand opening was an absolute honour!  the view of the lake and the sun setting was worth every km to get there.  good times and even better ppl.  one huge lesson we learnt though for the next time we play a muskoka evening show outdoors in the summer, bring bug spray!

toonice at the wild moose grand opening!