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January 30, 2013

some bassic vizness!

t’was trying to learn a video editing program today.  what better way to learn it with than with some tunes/noize?

July 29, 2012

july bouncy wrap!

wow, what a month musically! fun times!

IN: new to us but used bass cab & pedals

OUT: drumming with Rosalita, bass with the Mightabins, bass with TooNice, weekly dj nights at the Pub

TooNice Reboot Final Chapter

we found out some more info about our being reunited with TooNice and then out 4 days later. seems our dedication to the band was called into question. simply meaning we weren’t dedicated enough for the other members. we had only spent every free second of 5 days relearning 50 songs, spent 12 hrs commuting to gigs/jams, jammed twice on 3.5 hrs sleep, spend money on a new bass cab, took time off work, emailed our contacts for new gigs and had to send our regrets to 3 other music endeavours to make time for them. strange reasoning but thats what they said. hilarious!

Those Handsome Hooligans Hiatus Ongoing

kept on jamming as much as possible with THH members during our drummerless hiatus this past month diggin’ the jams we do have and perhaps some of these songs we’ve been working on acoustically will grace the Hooligan stage one day! rumours persist of a casual gig/jam in aug. stay tuned!

Mtn Dukes sputterring

try as we may, the summer is tough to get a band going. vacays and other commitments make time tight to get jams in but its 2 steps fwd and one step back for the Dukes. we patch 2gether a couple of tight jams and then need to take a break for 2 weeks cuz no one is around. still expecting us to debut in September somehow/somewhere. when it does happen, it’ll be a slice! at least in July we finally decided on a name!

4×10 bass cab and pedals!

lastly, our new bass cab has stopped being stinky. the odd musty odour is gone! soundwise, a slight flutter exists only when we hit one particular note but we seemed to have scooped that out of the tone. good news is that the cab is a keeper no matter what. gotta jam with it soon so we can hear it compete with the other instruments! our mxr carbon copy delay pedal has been a great addition. its pretty much glued to the pboard now. we dig how having it slightly into our mix thickens up our sound and its a great tweaking toy when we get ambitious!

thx to all for visiting the site this past month! we’ve set a hits record! u rawk!


July 9, 2012

july pboard!


our version of the my5! this months pboard setup! tu2-elgrande-bf2-carboncopy-boost.
welcome to the board carbon copy!

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July 9, 2012

demo setup!

heres our demo setup for the 2 new pedals in the fam. the ce3 chorus adds a bit to much noise in the line but did the job. the carbon copy delay sounds great with the mix at 8 oclock with about anything we play and with it dialed so low, there’s lots of room for experimenting! both are good additions to own.

July 9, 2012

new pedal day x2


chorus meet delay!

the carbon copy sure is shiny & her dials glow. there were more than a few sweet spots during the trial so theres huge potential! more pboard news at 11.

June 8, 2012

june pboard is ready 2 go!


our fun month o’ June pedal board setup!
tu2-elgrande-bassballs-bf2-boost bring on the shows!

(edit: the hilarious part about the pic is that the boost is on and setup backwards! good thing we put the board thru its paces b4 we gigged!

June 7, 2012

el grande arrival!


the el grande has been added to the fam! let the fuzz reign!