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September 25, 2013

getting the chance to play feels like being lost in the best dream…

peter hook & the light!

peter hook & the light!

the dream continues & what a week that was! lets lay it out in quick fashion!

Tues: got to see the Selecter!  one of the essential 2-tone era ska bands that we had not yet had the pleasure to see live.  we even met the singer Pauline while she sat behind the merch table.  a steady stream of pics & book signings were the order of the moment.  she was great to chat with & share a few laughs.  their set was energy filled from start to finish.  we dared not leave the dancefloor so we could soak up the entire event. well worth the muscle soreness the next day & the chance to hear “celebrate the bullet” live.  that song is pure magic. we posted some pics on our Flickr.

Thursday: Mightabins first full band jam of the year followed by a Peter Hook and the Light concert! first off, the Mightabins have been wanting to jam for a long time but every1’s sked’s have been just too haywire of late.  but things now have cooled down & more jams are in order.  2 new punky songs came out of our first full band jam of the year. could a show be next?  then after the jam… the Peter Hook show was literally off the hook!  great to hear the early New Order material done so well & witness 2 bass players on stage!  & a father/son combo to boot!  memorable show indeed! we posted a few pics on our Flickr here. our ears just couldn’t get enough!

Friday: Gig! Amazing full night at Bigfoot Smokehouse!  Very casual atmosphere there & we played well with the Hayley Carro Trio. can’t wait to return! debut of a new cajon kick device went well (more on that in another post).  its a great step fwd that can’t be “beat”… hahaha.

Satuday: Outdoor Gig!  Stage got flooded.  Show cancelled.  ah well… the thing about outdoor shows is that they are absolutely the best when the weather co-operates but on the flipside can be a nightmare when the weather takes a turn for the bad.

Sunday: Open Mic! always a treat!  got to play a lot of bass & some cajon.  many hilights but one in particular had to be learning & then playing Duran Duran’s “Rio”(not once but twice!) that SAME day.  crazy fun!

its actually been a hectic past week & a half with 7 dates in the span of 11 days if u include our Open Mic duties.  well worth every note & every moment. as we like to put it:

playing music is like reading a good book you can’t put down.

every note a word.

every jam a page.

every show a chapter.

& we cant wait for what is next.

July 24, 2013

Trio Vizness!

Got the sublime opportunity to play last Sunday at the Riverwalk Commons with the talented Hayley Carro!  Here’s some vizness of the show we did in front of an estimated 400 ppl.  Dig that cowbell!  If you listen closely, u can hear what’s inside it!  Now if only we could mic the cajon that well…. Enjoy!

September 18, 2012

when it rains, it blogs!

tis a cold, wet, rainy late summers day so why not give the ol’ blog some love?

some news on the acoustic duo, “raised on promises” since that is where we have been the busiest. after a few select but successful shows, we’ll be taking a mini break for October. you can still catch the act opening for Those Handsome Hooligans on Saturday, Sept. 22nd and/or opening for the debut of the MTN DUKES on Friday, Sept 28th!

happy friday!

great times were had with the duo at British Arms, Manhattans and the Local Gastropub in Barrie! each place was a unique experience that rocked & much to our surprise… we had dancers! the interaction between us and the patrons has been a sheer delight! we will never forget the singalongs and stompalongs! perhaps its something that has to do with just being a duo that makes us more approachable… could be a theory but the intimacy level has been a great experience. also, since we are not a karaoke act but we actually play the songs, that gets us some added good feedback. soundwise, providing the low end and percussion has proven to be a challenge but the addition of a simple stand(for a mere $35) for a kick pad that we run thru an Alesis DM5 has proven to be a winner!

kick pedal with stand

the only issue we’ve had is the amplification of the kick. running it thru the same sound source as the bass makes it tough to define. moving fwd we are going to keep it simple and run it on its own with its own amp/speaker.

manhattans duo setup!

this Manhattans show in the pic, we ran the kick thru the 4×10 along with the bass. that overwhelmed our markbass head and it actually stopped on us twice during songs. we may have been running the drumkick signal too hot to get it to sound right so the next smaller show(pictured below) we ran both the bass and drumkit thru a couple of PA speakers but the sound of the bass suffered. it was ok, but not the best. thru the process of elimination, keeping them separate seem the best way to go moving fwd.

rig at the local

after so many recent shows with just the acoustic duo, we are really looking forward to this weekend and next! full band shows will be music to our ears!

September 4, 2012

September 2 Remember!

August flew by.  The relative lack of shows was nice & enabled us to gear up for a September 2 Remember!

First up, some dates with “Raised on Promises“!  Tis a deeeelite to strip down some classics & deep cuts to their cores & give them a stompalong/singalong take!  hope to see YOU out for some of the dates!

3 shows in Sept!

of which the last one is opening for the Dukedebut of Mtn Dukes at One Cue!  that night will be just about 3 yrs in the making according to our calculations.  we might be a month off since we think our first jam was in October or November but its close enuff for us to say 3 yrs in the making.  the Mtn Dukes road has been filled with stop/start, stop, stop, start, start, start, stop, start, start, stop, start again. the band has recently gotten into the show mode with the finalization of the lineup and the addition of a singer/guitarist.  hope to have a full 2 sets worth of dukealicious covers ready to devour that night for those in attendance.  more news on the prep for that show in the wks ahead.  with the summer vacays in the rearview mirror, its time to put the pedal down and rock it out Duke Style!

last but not least, some Those Handsome Hooligans news!  yes, there’s a Sept show on the 22nd!  our drummer is back for one weekend only so we’re gonna take advantage, melt some faces and celebrate some milestones.  can’t wait!



April 19, 2012


well its been a few days since our annual event, skipapalooza
at orleans in newmarket and how can we sum it up other than AWESOME!


we brought out the ol’ disco ball for added visual deeelite. so far in the few pics we’ve seen, the ball looks amazing!

drumming for rosalita & sounding not loud proved to be quite the struggle despite our best of intentions. sorry to any1 we annoyed! live&learn. onwards&upwards. our longest set ever in the books!

those handsome hooligans showed no rust from the 4 month baby break and played pretty much from 1030-215 excluding 2×5 minute breaks. we were all anxious to play indeed!

more pics as they come in. thx to all who came out, the bands and a special thanks to orleans! hands down the best venue in newmarket!

February 16, 2012

skipapalooza 2!

its gonna be BIG!

so excited & honoured once to be able to do skipapalooza a 2nd time!

more deats to follow!

November 11, 2011

recent videos au go go!

eton house stage. watch that railing!

just a quick post to review last weekend’s gig with Molly’s Chamber at the Eton House.  3 sets of rockin good times!  we had a soundperson but he didn’t do much other than run our mics thru the house PA which was a bit different than the norm.  folks said the sound wasn’t horrible and u could hear everything but not up to snuff for a gig with a soundperson.  despite not hearing much of the vocals and lead geetar while onstage(no monitors), we’d give ourselves a B for the overall performance.  getting more comfortable with the material is a high priority and there is lots of room to improve.  speaking of room, we were on a stage with a railing and we kept hitting our headstock on the pole at the end of the railing during the show. yet another reason to not gig with your best bass. poor EB3 took a beating but luckily no scars the next morning!  thx 2 all who came out to witness and the props.  we sure had fun and totally dug the overall vibe of the joint!

both the bands released some video evidence this week.

check out Eton House viz from Mollys Chamber from the homepage.

check out Orleans viz from Those Handsome Hooligans from the new youtube site.

enjoy and will blog soon!  finally a weekend off from gigs and a load of songs to learn from the likes of OLP, Velvet Revolver, Foo, Van Morrision, Hip, big wreck, coldplay, black keys, steve earle, doors & more!  lots of jams til the end of the month.  let the good times roll!

eton house back door

October 31, 2011

halloween bashed

just a quick review on how the halloween bash went.

costume wise we decided to go with the snake skin pants, teased hair and cut off tee look.  kind of a metalhead look.  many ppl thought we should add the pants to the regular gig rotation.  hmmm…. something to think about! but the costume served its purpose and was quite nice to bash our head around with.

other bands opted for dracula, zombie, jester, doctor, army looks.  many said after the sets they were way too hot.  duly noted for next year!

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October 28, 2011

costume woes

tis the weekend before halloween and we’re performing at a costume party on the saturday with those handsome hooligans.  3 bands. cash bar. an awesome bike as the prize for best costume! more info at this fb event. its gonna be a great party!

anyways, we’ve been bashing our brains out trying to figure out what to wear.  its our first time playing in a costume.  its gotta be something that won’t interfer with our playing/groovin’ and also something that won’t have us dripping wet with sweat after one song.  as of this moment, we are still totally undecided.  our skin tight leopard pants may be a part of the answer but it looks as though it will be coming down to a game time decision. or perhaps we will just dressup as a musician for a change?  like one of these?  ha!  stay tuned for the answer next week. if anyone out there has any ideas, we are all ears!

October 3, 2011

housecleaning 4 ROCKTOBER!


its been awhile but fret not, we’ve been busy!

eb3 in action at orleans!

actually speaking of frets, we cleaned up our eb3 bass the other day only to notice one of the frets we never touch has a rust spot!  too funny!  good thing we never touch it there! curious as to when/how/why it happened?

anyways, here’s the recent bass scoop in short order:

1. we’ve left the reggae band toonice.  that not to say we’ll never play a show again with them but our days as a regular member are over. a tough decision but one soundly made with the present and future in mind.

2. those handsome hooligans are playing 2 shows this month!  one just happened this past weekend at Orleans in Newmarket and another is a very special halloween dressup affair on sat. oct. 29th at the Jamspot in Newmarket.  very exciting times indeed! omg, what to dressup as on the 29th??? our oct. 1st show was a sweet mix of jaw dropping jaw droppers, dancefloor filling dancefloor fillers and epic epics!  ppl hooted and danced and good reviews all round.  looking fwd to more hooligasms in the near future!

3. we’ve joined toronto cover band, mollys chamber!  we debut with them on oct 15th at the black cat in toronto!  very, very exciting!  great group with great songs! we are giving it our all to be ready to hit the ground running and jumping in time for our debut!

bonus: here’s a video of a solo hooligan warming up the crowd this past saturday with an acoustic version of chalk circle’s “sons&daughters” which is sooooooooo appropriate since we were supposed to go see chalk circle play that night until we got booked to play instead!  enjoy!