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June 26, 2014

Funkzilla Stomps on Board!

the funkzilla arrived!  its been played pretty much straight for the last 3 hrs & we love it!

at first, we were drawn to all the tap tempo options.  SO very addictive!
but second sober thought has us just using it as an envelope filter.
that will be the more practical (read: less annoying) use in a lot of the songs we play.
now the board is simple and clean.  tuner – beta – funkzilla
the next add might compression.  and we’ll stop there… ahahaaaa 😉 ahem… right!
a MASSIVE thanks to SOLID GOLD FX for not only making RAD pedals but great service too!
here’s a wee vid we did!

February 5, 2013

keeping up with gear & movements

time for a gear movement update!

acoustimatic 30 on arrival!

acoustasonic 30 on arrival!

we swapped our circa mid 2000’s Ampeg BA210 for a Fender Acoustasonic 30 recently.  “peggy” as she was called was heavy & great for many gig while we were first making our way around stages.  recently though, she’d just been sitting at home.  never being used.  never quite loud enough anymore. never quite portable enough.  she’d done her service(100 gigs approx) & really owed us nothing. so when the opp presented itself, we thought we’d change it up a bit.  get an amp that is suitable enough at low volumes for both bass & guitar(trying to play more guitar, ie: once a week) & practice our mic/vocals with.  the acoustimatic has 2 channels.  one for instruments & another for a mic.  a great practice setup that we can quietly tweek our pedals with.  another long overdue task. we’ve also added our drum machine into the chain for practice service & so far so good!  so nice to come home & plug into a comfy setup when u only have a few mins to play. if we ever want to get louder with it, it has a lineout that we can plug into anything else.

speaking of effects, we’ve begun to fall hard for our El Grande Bass Fuzz that we’ve had for awhile.  keeping the settings for fuzz & volume really conservative while using the tone in the middle is giving us a great sound that is perfect mix of low end tasty dirt fuzz!  our Carbon Copy delay is also making a rebound.  such a fun pedal to practice with!  messing with different delay times has been a blast!  we are also thinning the herd.  gone is the Bass Metaphors to a new lovin’ home. our Picasso Boost is likely next. maybe our chorus or the bf2 that have sat on the sidelines for awhile.  ah, a pedal family pic from a few months back… we will ever have 10 pedals again?

pedal fam at the end of 2012!

pedal fam at the end of 2012!

we also got around to finally swapping out the nickel strings our telebass came with.  they were interesting to play with for a time but as time went on, we lusted more & more for the flats we love so dearly.  so this past weekend, we made the swap (despite our dream) to d’addario flats.  one jam in & we’ve never been happier.  a tad bright at the momement cuz they are sooo new but a huge step towards the low end thump thumpy sound we long for. telebass sound with flats= OMG!

d'addario flats in action!

d’addario flats in action!

speaking of falling hard, we are in the midst of dealing with our 2nd injury in the past 7 months.  back in August of last year, we separated a shoulder that took awhile to heal. now we’ve gone & cracked/fractured a rib.  amazing how much it hurts when we are in the wrong position or doing something that it doesn’t like.  after getting it checked out on the weekend & being told by a doc to “take it easy, here’s some drugs“, we are finally heeding the advice.  not merely the “we must have slept funny” event as we first thought it was, but the defo result of a very wicked tumble.  hoping for a speedy enough recovery that we can get back to jumping around for Skipapalooza in April.  well at least we can still play the bass, just have to keep the groovin’ movements down a few notches for the next while. in the meantime, our lightweight acoustic bass is getting even more playing time!

acoustic bass with foam fun!

acoustic bass with foam fun!

January 30, 2013

some bassic vizness!

t’was trying to learn a video editing program today.  what better way to learn it with than with some tunes/noize?

July 9, 2012

july pboard!


our version of the my5! this months pboard setup! tu2-elgrande-bf2-carboncopy-boost.
welcome to the board carbon copy!

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July 9, 2012

demo setup!

heres our demo setup for the 2 new pedals in the fam. the ce3 chorus adds a bit to much noise in the line but did the job. the carbon copy delay sounds great with the mix at 8 oclock with about anything we play and with it dialed so low, there’s lots of room for experimenting! both are good additions to own.

October 25, 2011

jason priestly strings story

tom lees on granville

so we guess the time is getting just about right to finally blog about our experience at Tom Lee’s Music store in Vancouver this past summer. the reason being that the GHS brite flats strings we bought that day are now in use.

we stopped at Tom Lee’s on Granville to check out the much ballyhoo’d store and perhaps buy a pedal (that ended up being the EHX bassballs that we dearly love). so as we are trying out the pedal in a soundproof room we spied none other than 90210(amongst many other roles) star, Jason Priestly(JP) shopping in the guitar section with his rather large body guard/personal assistant in tow. being much interested in the pedals we were trying out we didn’t give it much of a 2nd thought until we were ready to pay for our pedal at the one and only cash. there in the lineup right behind us was JP.

we had discussed with the store help that we needed strings as well as the pedal yet as we were ringing up the total the strings we had decided on were nowhere to be found. so a search for the strings ensued followed by a struggle to find out actually how much the strings actually cost. now the lineup had gone to 1 to about 6 ppl in this time. how much time had gone by was beyond us since we were in no hurry. no one was really bothering JP but the more and more a crowd developed around the cash, the more and more JP and his large ass. man were getting nervous. it was obvious they were in a hurry and wanted no part of an impromptu autogoof session.

the situation was out of our control. there were 2 sets of flat strings we wanted to purchase cuz according to the staff they were on sale. but what the actual sale price was proving difficult to locate. the tension in the lineup was building and building. the expression on JP and his ass. man were priceless.

finally the staff relented the cash to JP and the others so they could be served while we waited for the price. a few evil eyes were given by the large ass. man but really the situation was the result of the staff and not us. in our mind, we’re thinking yer not quite the big deal u still think u are. none of the tweens in the lineup had recognized him and in real physical life JP was actually super small. we doubt he reaches 5 ft. on a good hair day.

after they departed, the tension eased and we discovered our strings only cost $10 a set. worth making JP wait any day! what a bargain! we left the store and there was no sight of JP anywhere. a trail of dust was all he left.

now its a been a few months since we bought those strings and they’ve been on our gibson bass for about 2 months. the review is that we don’t like them and will likely not use the 2nd set. the tone and feel is just not suited to us. no matter how we tweak things we just can’t seem to get a sound we like out of them. the best way we can describe it in words is that it sounds as if the tone is being choked. we’ve been using the bass/strings set up for jams just so they get some use b4 we replace them. but nonetheless, we’ll never forget the day we made a hollywood star wait so we could get bargain strings for 10 bux!

in a totally unrelated note, here’s a pic we took of a streetfight later that same day. the suit actually kept talking on the cell as he tried to break up the fight. the fight started when the 2 guys on the ground bumped each other and then it just escalated from there. some nasty punches were thrown and then it got broken up by onlookers and every1 went their separate ways. stay classy vancouver!

even wks after the canucks playoff loss there was still fighting in the streets!

October 20, 2011

big bassy debut!

well we survived our debut with mollys chamber.  learning 30 new trax in 2.5 weeks was a daunting task to say the least and we put our best foot forward.  some missteps along the way but we kept things pretty bassic and low key in order to put the best sound out.

here’s a pic of the stage that night:

mollys stage at black cat

it was nice to have some light at the back but also odd to have some light if u know what we mean.  good times and good ppl at the venue and can’t wait to return!  the black cat pub and grill on dundas has a sweet menu and plenty of wellington on tap so that made the evening even better!  a few songs into the night though we developed for the first time a thumb blister:

thumb blister after the first set

we’ve been trying to incorporate more thumb into our playing and we think the mix of the outburst of energy and lack of a decent callus gave us the blister.  we worked around it for the rest of the evening but it was defo difficult and the thumb was burning hot by the end of the night! on the advice of just about every1, we did not pop it and have let it heal on its own.  so far, so good.

peggy at the jam space

in other big bassy news, our 2×10 ampeg has found a new home at the jamspace for Mollys Chamber.  it suits the tone of the band nicely and puts out just enough to keep up with the jam volume.  peggy is a heavy one so hopefully she stays put for awhile!

current rig

our current rig for shows:

eb3 with tu3-sft-bassballs-bf2 into a little mark 250 and a 1×15 fender bassman

lots of headroom and sound.  we can dig! can’t wait to take this rig out again soon!

May 10, 2011

catching up with tone

its been a busy few weeks on the bass.  after this coming weekend, it will add up to 7 shows in 5 weeks.  slightly more than the one every other week we thought we’d have when we started this whole learnin’ the bass business.  we’re not complaining though.  every show has been so memorable and for various reasons.  for instance, we played our first “dry” cafe event this past weekend and by the sounds of it, you’d have thunk ppl we’re getting sloshed.  the small but vocal and energetic crowd blew away many a bar crowd with their level of intensity. great times!

skipapalooza was also a great event.  we packed the joint with a crowd to see the debut of “Those Handsome Hooligans” and the return to the area of “TooNice“.  the 5th/last set is still a blur and we managed to keep the energy level up throughout. 3 regrets from the THH debut though:

1. not happy with how we played “come together“.  it was ok, but we would have liked to have played it better (more on this later).  maybe it was just too early in the set for our “A” game.  this has happened b4 to us on other songs.

2. having a blank out moment in the middle of one song.  too funny!  we still don’t know what the heck distracted us or what our mind changed to, but it sure wasn’t about the song!

3. not being able to share a drink with the other Hooigans post set as we had to get back onstage asap for TooNice.  ah well, thats what we get for booking both our bands on the same night!

Hooligans are busy on adding to our 30+ songlist and making promo material.  follow us now on twitter and also here’s a slice from our recent photoshoot.

Those Handsome Hooligans Promo Pic!

in our “spare” time, we’ve been attempting to bring our bass playing up a notch.  a lot of the songs we do in both bands we can either “get by” or is what we consider “sufficient“.  we’ve really been trying to improve on those songs in particular.  we’ve been noticing that the songs we do improve upon bring more enjoyment the next time we play them live.  perhaps it might have to do with the fact that by the end we’re not thinking that “geez, wish we could play that better” and instead the new thought is “thank goodness we learnt that song properly. it sounds so much better now!”

another issue we are dealing with this week is our reggae bass tone.  its slowly slipped into a murky mess in the past 2 shows and its gotten to the point that it needed to be rethought out from scratch.  it used to sound ok but somewhere along the way it changed.  all part of the learning process we gather.  so we took advantage of some free time the other night and just worked on tone until our ears couldn’t take it anymore.  we tried a slew of different settings on the bass, on the amp, on the pedals and mixed and matched til’ we couldn’t any more.  we think we’ve got it nailed down now though. we’ll see how it goes this weekend and likely that will be next week’s post.

last but not least, thanks to clashblog for posting our last post on the strummer nights on their website.  that was fantastic and much appreciated!

November 25, 2010

lets do the disc as a setlist, k?

TooNice's debut, "Change"

So the idea for Friday’s CD release show with TooNice is to play the new album as a set.  That is… the setlist for the show is the CD in the order as it appears on the CD.  A different concept for us as usually setlists are put together with the thought of the live show and how we want the energy to flow.  The album track order was put together with the thought of the listener at home, kickin’ back and enjoying.  How will that order play out?  Well having reviewed the album the last few days as a set, it should do ok.  Maybe not the best set ever, but it will be fun “one time only event” nonetheless.  It will also be a different night for us, as we usually like to have a few covers sprinkled into the set.  If any of those come up, it’ll have to be as an encore!

In other news, the Bassmetaphors is off the pedalboard for good.  Too much noise and tone loss in our books.  We gave it a honest go for a few months and now with the BassPi on board as our distortion source, the cons were outweighing the pros of keeping the Bassmetaphors “on board”.  In its place, is ol’-reliable-first-pedal-we-ever-owned, the Tech21 sans amp bass driver DI. Reunited and it feels so good.

November 16, 2010

2 new additions 2 the pedal fam!

2 new additions to the our meagre pedal board setup to announce!

1. the addition of the Bass BIG Muff PI.  a few months back we had tried out a regular guitar muff and came to the conclusion that this pedal offers the most fuzz and distortion bang for its buck.  once we found ourselves with an hour in the big smoke and the cash to spare we headed down to moog audio on queen w to check out the prices.  despite the horrid service, the price was right and we patiently and gladly got the pedal onto its new home.  its only been a few days togther but so far, so good. its all we had hoped and we’ll enjoy tweaking it daily!  omg, the sustain!

our current november pedal setup

2.  we happened upon an unused case for a drill the other day.  we quickly sized it up and thought this might do nicely as a hard shell case for our small pedal board.  we got the thing home, gutted out the plastic inside that was meant for the drill and viola!  instant pedal case for free!  the gutting took about an hour but it was totally worth the time and effort.  it fits perfectly and snugs the board nicely so that nothing moves during transpo.  all we have to do at gigs/jams now is pull it out and plug in.  there is even enough vertical space to store some cords underneath the board.

gutted case with a cord

gutted case with pedal board & cords underneath