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January 17, 2019

ska party mid January 2019 menu

Click “ska party radio” above for air times!

features ♫ from the likes of:
The Breachers
derrick morgan & Los Granadians (Official)
Dr. Ring Ding meets SKA BEAT CITY
The Classy Wrecks
the bombasts
gangster politics
The King Kong 4
bailey’s car
The Kingpins – SKA
Kingston All Stars
Rude Boy George
the pacers
Cartoon Violence

September 5, 2018

ska party early September 2018 menu

♫ Check out the air times by clicking “Ska Party Radio” above!

December 14, 2016

Radio Hootenanny Late December 2016 Menu

Here’s the Radio Hootenanny FM menu for December 15, 2016 and beyond!  

Tune in from ANYWHERE!  Featured acts include:

steve adamyk band*
the maras*
best fiends*
the bolos
the nation blue
the backhomes*
yeah bud!!!*
the flintettes*
the dandelion
patsy’s rats
fascinations grand chorus
double date with death*
the 427’s*
the polymorphines*
mother’s children*
copper crown*
get married
the orange kyte*
ayla brook*
brother grimm
tc folkpunk*
the city gates*
the actors*
black market
*denotes Canadian artist

Radio Hootenanny airs on these fine and dandy stations:

♫ CKMS 100.3FM in Waterloo, ON

Time slot: Thursdays 10am – noon ET


♫ CKLU 96.7FM Sudbury

Time slot: Thursdays 11am – 1pm ET plus various repeats.


♫ CILU 102.7FM Thunder Bay

Time slot: Thursdays 2-4p ET plus various repeats


♫ Caper Radio CJBU 107.3 FM Sydney, NS

Time slot: Tuesdays 8-10p AT plus a weekend repeat


May 23, 2016

End of May gigs alert!

2 shows to end of a great month of music and both are subbing in on the BASS and playing what we love most… SKA AND REGGAE!

Friday, May 27th – with Frankie Foo and the Yo-Yo Smugglers

Grossman’s Tavern, 379 Spadina Ave. Toronto

10:30p til close – no cover!

more info by clicking here!

and here!


Saturday, May 28th – with Feeling the One Drop

Scarborough Food Truck Festival!

more info here:

or on FB here.


afternoon sets of fun reggae vibes at 1:45 and 4:45!

See YOU on the dance floor!


April 1, 2016

lazarus & the luddites debut wknd!

we are on the cusp of 2 debut shows over these next few days for Lazarus & the Luddites!

first up, its going to a fun supper hour show opening for the eastern folk/gypsy group Total Gadjos this Saturday at the Tennesee!

then Monday eve, we’ve a super special acoustic intimate 2 hour extravaganza planned for Castro’s Lounge!

so drop by if yer able!  it’ll be a casual & friendly, hobo folky, boppin’ country, reggaelicious rootsy hootenanny!

“like” the group on FB at


February 25, 2016

skipapalooza VI announcement!


dj skip is pretty darn excited to finally announce the lineup for our annual birthday party, SKIPAPALOOZA !!!


Featuring: CATL, The Huaraches, Dub Trinity

Saturday April 16th, 2016

The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar and Hotdoggery

16 Dunlop St. E, Barrie ON

19+ / $5 / Party starts when you get there!


November 6, 2015

CLASH n’ Bash and Dub Trinity CD Release!


Very excited to be able to attend and also spin some Clash and Ska/Reggae vibes this Saturday Nov 7th in Peterborough at the Historic Red Dog!!!

Here’s the FB event link:

From Dub Trinity:

Last year, this was one of our favourite shows and this year we have a bonus – our brand new CD, The People Hold The Power, will be released on this night. We’ll start at 10 pm sharp, playing the new CD front to back. The Muddy Hack goes on next with a Clash set to get you rocking and then Dub Trinity comes back on with a punky reggae set of more classic Clash.

Dub Trinity has always woven a bit of the only band that really matters into their shows but this is the one night of the year we seriously give them their due. Make sure to get there early! Doors at 9 pm, music starts at 10 pm sharp. Still only $7 or, even better, $15 with a copy of the brand new CD!

Check out the new CD on our website:

November 6, 2015

Heavensbee Interview on Ska Party Radio!


Ska Party FM for the week of November 2, 2015
Our feature on Heavensbee! (minus our pre and post banter)
Pick up their new album at:
our thanks to Roger, Megg and Marc!

we chat about such things as how the Dub Pop trio came to be, their unique recording methodology, fave tracks, recording tips and whats in store for the future.
interview Includes the tunes: i will wait, the lay of the land, time is an illusion, life boat, bombs away, mr. know everything

AND on Soundcloud!

October 6, 2015

is it even worth wasting our breath?

ah, maybe.  if you don’t try, then you will never know. we’ve been giving this a lot of thought over the past two weeks so in the spirit of Canadian Thanksgiving, lets giv’r.
so after 2 yrs back with TooNice, we were blindsided to find out via text early one recent Sunday morning that our services were no longer required. we were floored!  did not see this coming at all! hindsight being 20/20, perhaps the signs were there earlier when plans we being made without or with minimal consultation, we were being left in the dark and our ideas weren’t getting any consideration.  but in the heat of those moments, you don’t add things together quite that way until you have been kicked to the curb. playing over 200 shows in 2 years was definitely a treat and something we will never forget but the way we were shown the door will leave many a memory tarnished.
which led us to thinking about how horrible most (and there are exceptions to everything) musicians treat each other. its not just this situation in particular but others we have experienced or heard of other musicians experiencing. its one thing to treat friends, co-workers and family with civility and common sense courtesy despite some of their short-comings but then it appears to be a completely different way amongst musicians.  the way we treat each other with a certain absence of ethics just sadly seems to be the norm rather than the exception.  its hard to take the knife sometimes yes.  we’ve been fired before but it always comes as a shocker.  the apparent lack of rules and then suddenly “rules” come out of nowhere and get applied when the ends justify the means. it is a quite humourous and ridiculous way of going about relationships and is hardly a healthy way for an industry to run.  especially when one considers the tasks at hand are based on a high level of passion, commitment and also can be physically and sometimes stressfully demanding.  then boom, they are gone. all of the sudden the rug is swiped out from under you.
don’t get us wrong, its a LOT OF FUN being a musician and that’s why we love it so! but perhaps that’s also why a lot of the basic ethical treatment of fellow human beings gets cast aside as well.  we will put up with a lot to reap the rewards but along the way, we let a lot of ugliness rear its head without much second thought. then at crunch time, points of view don’t get considered and before you know it, its my way or the highway or you get run out of town and in the end you just gotta say “its a crazy musical ride” and carry on.  is music a business?  is it friends?  is it a family? is it all the above, some or none of the above? is it an entity onto itself? the blurring of the lines and addition of so many factors and viewpoints really make the music industry unique. there truly are 2 sides to a coin. then you get into perception playing a big part when there is a lack of communication while living in the fast lane. who’s in the right? who’s in the wrong? who knows but we may even be breaking some mythical “rule” by even posting about this and trying to create some food for thought.
so regardless, its fun times indeed.  past, present and future(yet to be written).  there were many fun and great moments that we we will keep as learning experiences and this is now the end of TooNice v3.0 (read about 2.0 here).  now we very much look forward to whatever lies ahead but it will be with more humility and knowledge than before. hope springs eternal but now we are somewhat wiser!
August 5, 2015

skasome djskip interview on CILU

we got interviewed on CILU 102.7FM in Thunder Bay about all things ska, ska party and TooNice!  listen anytime below!