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April 5, 2012

return of the bloodskin


if u can recall, we recently found blood on the rental drumkit at the rehearsal factory. so we even more recently returned (a full 2 weeks later) to the exact same room to not only find the same old blood on the snare but even more blood than before!


good thing we had anticipated this & had brought our own snare for the rosalita jam!


speaking of the rosas, we did our last pre skipapalooza prep show at an open mic at grossmans tavern this week. each member got to choose a song for our mini set which was way cool. also the stage setup at grossmans is now improved and makes a massive difference.


whoa! lights even! a riser too! better soundboard! the grossmans we knew has changed for the better! we played decently on the kit. but once we were done, we were once again told we were too loud on the drums. struggling with the combo of keeping the BIG drum sound of springsteen alive while not being too loud for patrons. its tough lesson to learn & even a harder one to put into practice & use!

March 25, 2012



so a week ago we were jamming on the kit with rosalita at the geary st rehearsal factory. after a song we realized there was blood drops on half the hihat cymbals & the snare. first we made the quick check that it wasn’t ours then got mildly disgusted. who bleeds on a hourly rental kit & then doesn’t clean it up? who doesn’t clean the gear? then we thought, why haven’t we come across this more often? fret not, we moved the hihats/snare so we were hitting the non bloody parts & told the powers that be about the mess.

lo & behold we come back a week later to find the same blood drops (see pics) on the snare! the hihats had been cleaned or the blood wore off. but no attempt had been made on the snare. now we were truly disgusted. rehearsal factory loses big points for not cleaning their gear within a week!



November 2, 2010

unforgettable sonic noob

view from cherry beach jamspace winter 2010

about to enter a period of new ground here as we take the bass into the recording studio world for the first time…. more on that in a later post but we wanted to briefly chat about what we heard for the very first time just over a week ago.

we were jammin it good at the RF.  taking a breather in the midst of 4 hours worth of practice time, we stepped out into the hall for a breath of fresh air and what did we hear?  we heard not only one other band jammin, not only 2 or 3 other bands jammin, we heard the ROAR of at least a dozen other groups jammin all at once.  it BLEW OUR MINDS… (not to mention our eardrums) but the sounds we heard could never be duplicated at the same time ever again.  every single available room had drums, guitars, bass and vox all in full throttle mode. we had never heard so many others playing all at once in our lives.  you could actually feel the building pulsing. we stood there for a few mins just taking it all in. we briefly thought we should record this somehow but nothing could do justice to the hard workin noize we were hearing.  we just listened and then one by one some rooms stopped and others continued and b4 we knew it, the sync, cohesion and volume was gone.  the unique sound was gone forever.  simply unforgettable.