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November 6, 2015

CLASH n’ Bash and Dub Trinity CD Release!


Very excited to be able to attend and also spin some Clash and Ska/Reggae vibes this Saturday Nov 7th in Peterborough at the Historic Red Dog!!!

Here’s the FB event link:

From Dub Trinity:

Last year, this was one of our favourite shows and this year we have a bonus – our brand new CD, The People Hold The Power, will be released on this night. We’ll start at 10 pm sharp, playing the new CD front to back. The Muddy Hack goes on next with a Clash set to get you rocking and then Dub Trinity comes back on with a punky reggae set of more classic Clash.

Dub Trinity has always woven a bit of the only band that really matters into their shows but this is the one night of the year we seriously give them their due. Make sure to get there early! Doors at 9 pm, music starts at 10 pm sharp. Still only $7 or, even better, $15 with a copy of the brand new CD!

Check out the new CD on our website:

December 3, 2014

5 song challenge: day 5

we were challenged to pick 1 track every day for 5 days. tunes that changed our life, influenced us or mean something to us! pretty sure that every one of these 5 songs are songs we could listen to 5 times a day everyday!
the day 5 choice goes to:
lost in the supermarket – the clash
so we were tempted to end the 5 song challenge with yet another great Canuck tune but The Clash proved to be too irresistible. “The Only Band That Matters” are number 1 with a bullet in our books and this song is the top of that heap. A longtime earworm, a tune we play weekly on guitar & Paul Simonon our biggest bass influence = pfft, enough said! we once heard in a Clash documentary, numerous people who grew up with members of the Clash saying the inspirational refrain “if the Clash could do it, so can you”. a thought that even the biggest bands started with nothing and knowing that the Clash were once like that really keeps things in perspective for us.
April 22, 2012

strummernite 2012!

we were lucky enuff to have one day free on Easter weekend to check out strummernite 2012 in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood.

we were the DD that night so celebration lubrication was a nonfactor.  last yr we were able to make 2 nights of the yearly tribute to all things Joe Strummer and enjoy ourselves to the fullest extent.  this year unfortunately was not quite the same but we did enjoy the night all the same… if that makes any sense?  there were a lot of familiar artists back onstage but that didn’t matter much.  hearing all those songs live is a sonic treat to the our ears that doesn’t happen nearly enuff.

we posted all the pics we took with on our flickr site  The Letdowns were once again a hilite.  our deepest sincerest thx go out to the organizers for putting this stellar event on and we look fwd to another next yr!  til then enjoy this cheapy video we took of Career Opp!

August 26, 2011

bassmorgasborg II

before we get to the bass, as we’ve stated previously we are keeping up with are drumming on a every other day basis.  we think its a good to keep tabs on the ol’ kit and tricks just in case and to help keep that sense of what its like going.  anyways, the other day we responded to an online request for a drummer to come out to a casual jam and play along to some songs by the Clash.  well, being that the Clash are our fave band of all time, this was a no brainer for us and we wholeheartly took up the challenge.  we blasted thru 15 or so songs in 2.5 hrs and at least 60% of those would have been stage ready IMHO.  it was crazy good and met all our expectations!  plans are to have another go at some songs in sept.  can’t wait!

peggy's buddy!

we scored a bass cab the other day.  15″ that can handle 300w easily.  its pretty darn big and weighs about 60 lbs but the price was right and its not like we’ll be using it at every gig.  the plans are to use it mainly for outdoor shows.  we took the grill off as it was rattling and then took the Fender logo off that since the look of logo wasn’t that retro.  the rattle was the grill hitting the edges of the speaker so we added some weather stripping to the points where the 2 were touching and put the grill back on.  it bows out a bit but sounds great now and thats what matters.  we plan on taking the direct out of peggy the amp and feeding that into a PA amp(thats all we have for a head right now… ah, the search for a bass head is ON!) and enhancing the low end signal that way.  we plan to debut it next weekend at one of our outdoor gigs.

peggy's buddy with the grill on!

finally an update on our pedal situation.  we were not using our EHX bass big muff as much as we woulda liked and our BBE sonic stomp was always in use but we never quite 100% happy with what it was doing to our sound.  so we’ve been casually searching for a replacement for both and we think we found it with a Catlinbread SFT.   it not only add some variable grit to our sound but also is quite nice at allowing us to tweak our tones.  we took it out to our gig last weekend.  we had only really spent about 30 mins with the pedal to make sure it worked and sounded ok.  it took about a set to get used to her sensitivity(it responds to how hard or soft u play!) and once we locked in a setting that was right for the sweet reggae vibe it was perfect the entire night!  any pedal that inspires you and makes u anxious to get back to playing again just so you can hear it HAS TO BE GOOD! its also likely that her sensitive side will make us a better bassist in the future.  here’s a pic of the august pboard set up.  looking at the pic makes us think that less is more. the sft is a good step fwd in usefullness and quality so we can’t wait to enjoy it more!

august pedalboard!

April 27, 2011

Strummer Nights 2011

Forget summer nights in Hamilton, Strummer nights are way better!

We were lucky enough to experience 2 straight nights of Joe Strummer songs at This Ain’t Hollywood this past weekend.  Great crowds (the first night was capacity packed, second one almost) and a way better experience than having to live thru an evening of Gorillaz or Big Audio Dynamite to get your 2011 Clash fix.  It was so good we already can’t wait for the next version on Good Friday and Easter Saturday of 2012.  There wasn’t a bad act amongst the lineup with a heap of supergroups, one-offs, reunions and special guests appearing.  Folk, Punk, Celtic, Rock, Reggae, Rockabilly, Thrash genres and everything in-between were all covered.  Personal highlight had to be seeing the Letdowns (ex-Wetspots) play.  Ah, so many good shows they’ve had and all the memories just came flooding back the moment they hit the stage!  Our fave song, Straight to Hell got a sweet treatment and hearing Burning Lights from the soundtrack of I Hired a Contract Killer was fantastic!  Top marks for The Saints Are Coming for bringing a great Celtic twist to some songs that we wish the video we took did more justice.

and speaking of video, this event got us thinking about investing in a better camera to take videos of live music with since our current setup is hit and miss. its just an everyday digital camera and not meant for live music.  ahhhh, there’s always a reason for more gear!

Here’s some pics and some of the best of the video evidence.  Visit our youtube site for all the vizness. More videos still being added as we post this.  Thanks for the memories Strummer Night #9, we’ll see u again for 10!

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