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December 11, 2012

incredulously delayed bassploits recap

its been far too long THAA blog! but we’ve been ever so busy! lets get bassploit rolling!

  • recently, our association with Those Handsome Hooligans came to a crashing halt. ah, such is life as the lowly low end guy. “true bandmates do not judge each other, they just judge other bands.” could never be a more apt quote. we wish them nothing but the best moving fwd.
  • mtn dukes played a last minute show mid November at OnCue that was a thrilling success! much thx to every1 that showed & our acoustic duo, RoP even opened the night again. both acts debuted new material so the hurried nature of putting the show together with some new tunes made for an exciting 10 days in the lead up! a defo hilite was a blazing version of Rockin’ in the Free World with super special guest Sarogunslinger! it was an hair raising epic will we never EVER forget! mtn dukes rumours persist of a big show in Toronto this winter with a slew of new material & some of the audio from our Dukebut back in Oct. may get posted online soon. stay tuned for news on that!
  • our new fender telebass continues to impress. back from a recent vacay where we went 10 days without touching her so we thought our opinion might have changed in that time but it only made us fall for her more. we think we’ll call her “victoria“. she’s a keeper in our books!
  • we’ve resumed jamming with loudest band we’ve ever jammed withThe Mightabins with a Dec 28th reunion show at Hard Luck Bar in the offing. as of writing this post, the show is a go but anything can happen. we are still looking for another band to join the bill so if u are a local punky/garage band check out this posting and apply within! can’t wait for this show so fingers crossed its a hey ho, lets go!
  • the search continues for some1 to play mostly orgs with. a cool duo, trio or full band. boo for no news! hope springs onwards!
  • finally, got some cool pics from anna laxton photography. she had seen us at a few shows & rehearsals over the early part of the year. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED band photographer! we are a hard person to get a good pic of since we groove alot & she still managed! 🙂 such an awesome treat to get some pics!


September 18, 2012

when it rains, it blogs!

tis a cold, wet, rainy late summers day so why not give the ol’ blog some love?

some news on the acoustic duo, “raised on promises” since that is where we have been the busiest. after a few select but successful shows, we’ll be taking a mini break for October. you can still catch the act opening for Those Handsome Hooligans on Saturday, Sept. 22nd and/or opening for the debut of the MTN DUKES on Friday, Sept 28th!

happy friday!

great times were had with the duo at British Arms, Manhattans and the Local Gastropub in Barrie! each place was a unique experience that rocked & much to our surprise… we had dancers! the interaction between us and the patrons has been a sheer delight! we will never forget the singalongs and stompalongs! perhaps its something that has to do with just being a duo that makes us more approachable… could be a theory but the intimacy level has been a great experience. also, since we are not a karaoke act but we actually play the songs, that gets us some added good feedback. soundwise, providing the low end and percussion has proven to be a challenge but the addition of a simple stand(for a mere $35) for a kick pad that we run thru an Alesis DM5 has proven to be a winner!

kick pedal with stand

the only issue we’ve had is the amplification of the kick. running it thru the same sound source as the bass makes it tough to define. moving fwd we are going to keep it simple and run it on its own with its own amp/speaker.

manhattans duo setup!

this Manhattans show in the pic, we ran the kick thru the 4×10 along with the bass. that overwhelmed our markbass head and it actually stopped on us twice during songs. we may have been running the drumkick signal too hot to get it to sound right so the next smaller show(pictured below) we ran both the bass and drumkit thru a couple of PA speakers but the sound of the bass suffered. it was ok, but not the best. thru the process of elimination, keeping them separate seem the best way to go moving fwd.

rig at the local

after so many recent shows with just the acoustic duo, we are really looking forward to this weekend and next! full band shows will be music to our ears!

September 4, 2012

September 2 Remember!

August flew by.  The relative lack of shows was nice & enabled us to gear up for a September 2 Remember!

First up, some dates with “Raised on Promises“!  Tis a deeeelite to strip down some classics & deep cuts to their cores & give them a stompalong/singalong take!  hope to see YOU out for some of the dates!

3 shows in Sept!

of which the last one is opening for the Dukedebut of Mtn Dukes at One Cue!  that night will be just about 3 yrs in the making according to our calculations.  we might be a month off since we think our first jam was in October or November but its close enuff for us to say 3 yrs in the making.  the Mtn Dukes road has been filled with stop/start, stop, stop, start, start, start, stop, start, start, stop, start again. the band has recently gotten into the show mode with the finalization of the lineup and the addition of a singer/guitarist.  hope to have a full 2 sets worth of dukealicious covers ready to devour that night for those in attendance.  more news on the prep for that show in the wks ahead.  with the summer vacays in the rearview mirror, its time to put the pedal down and rock it out Duke Style!

last but not least, some Those Handsome Hooligans news!  yes, there’s a Sept show on the 22nd!  our drummer is back for one weekend only so we’re gonna take advantage, melt some faces and celebrate some milestones.  can’t wait!



July 29, 2012

july bouncy wrap!

wow, what a month musically! fun times!

IN: new to us but used bass cab & pedals

OUT: drumming with Rosalita, bass with the Mightabins, bass with TooNice, weekly dj nights at the Pub

TooNice Reboot Final Chapter

we found out some more info about our being reunited with TooNice and then out 4 days later. seems our dedication to the band was called into question. simply meaning we weren’t dedicated enough for the other members. we had only spent every free second of 5 days relearning 50 songs, spent 12 hrs commuting to gigs/jams, jammed twice on 3.5 hrs sleep, spend money on a new bass cab, took time off work, emailed our contacts for new gigs and had to send our regrets to 3 other music endeavours to make time for them. strange reasoning but thats what they said. hilarious!

Those Handsome Hooligans Hiatus Ongoing

kept on jamming as much as possible with THH members during our drummerless hiatus this past month diggin’ the jams we do have and perhaps some of these songs we’ve been working on acoustically will grace the Hooligan stage one day! rumours persist of a casual gig/jam in aug. stay tuned!

Mtn Dukes sputterring

try as we may, the summer is tough to get a band going. vacays and other commitments make time tight to get jams in but its 2 steps fwd and one step back for the Dukes. we patch 2gether a couple of tight jams and then need to take a break for 2 weeks cuz no one is around. still expecting us to debut in September somehow/somewhere. when it does happen, it’ll be a slice! at least in July we finally decided on a name!

4×10 bass cab and pedals!

lastly, our new bass cab has stopped being stinky. the odd musty odour is gone! soundwise, a slight flutter exists only when we hit one particular note but we seemed to have scooped that out of the tone. good news is that the cab is a keeper no matter what. gotta jam with it soon so we can hear it compete with the other instruments! our mxr carbon copy delay pedal has been a great addition. its pretty much glued to the pboard now. we dig how having it slightly into our mix thickens up our sound and its a great tweaking toy when we get ambitious!

thx to all for visiting the site this past month! we’ve set a hits record! u rawk!


July 4, 2012

bassic june update!

Hooligans and Friends Jam Up “wish you were here”

june update!

been busy so Hills updates were brief during the month of June. just a few pics more or less.
we’ll be posting a review and some photos from the Hives concert we attended later this week. great show!
also might get around to posting about our NXNE experience.

other notables from the past month:

those Handsome Hooligans are now on indefinite hiatus. our drummer has to travel lots during the next 6 months so instead of attempting to book shows and having to cancel them last minute and/or find a sub-in drummer for our 50 songs, the group decided to take a indefinite hiatus til the drummer travelling ends.
but in June, the Hooligans had some epic shows at Manhattan’s and British Arms in Barrie and we did a few private bbq shows that were a delight. t’was a fine an’ dandy way to play full tilt before taking a break. can’t wait to pick up the tunes again but as sad as it was to have to take a Hooligan break, we look fwd to seeing what the spare time brings us.

our drumming with the Springsteen group, Rosalita still remains a blast and we are rehearsing new songs to the setlist and planning a few shows for 2012. putting in the work on the tunes has been a slow process but not a minute of it has been a chore and totally worth the effort. luvin the time behind the kit. it feels like it keeps us grounded for what we really dig doing, the bass.

we continue to jam on the bass with our Duke friends and we are thinking of debuting a set of covers onto the masses later this summer. time is currently being spent on finding songs we like, that work and then tightening those songs up. a time consuming process but once the ball gets rolling, all of it will be time well spent. more on that exciting band in the near future.

there is speculation that the Mightabins are jamming again and we’ll likely be in the mix. if u like Ramonesque punk rock with a thunderous backbeat, you’ll luv what the Mightabins have in store! one of the LOUDEST bands we’ve ever had the pleasure to jam with. ear protection are an essential need for the funtabulous jams. surely the shows(if they happen) will be a hoot and literally a sonic BLAST!

last but not least, originals are somewhere on the dial. we are continuing to work on some of our own material and some material with associates. hoping some of that rises out of the abyss and sees the light of day in the near future. carpe diem!

after 3 Hooligan shows in 3 days are fingers felt like this!

July 3, 2012



we finally got to play nashville over the weekend! twas a dream come true!

May 29, 2012

may we wrap the month of may for the Hooligans?

Been a busy month for Those Handsome Hooligans but a sign of more busier times ahead as well! adding new songs, playing gigs and keeping our gear in fine form=whew!

first our first ever show at British Arms in Barrie went swimmingly. the night ended with very loud chants of ONE MORE SONG! a sure sign that the crowd enjoyed us. one of the many mind blowing things of that night were the 2 tables of ppl that stayed from start to finish. never b4 had we seen such hardcore devotion in Hooligan fans! whoa, mind blown!

our second gig of the month was a season ender party for the dart league in Innisfil. now these fine folk know how to party! once we did our soundcheck song, they never sat down the entire evening. another first for the Hooligans! our 2nd set of tunes was over 90 minutes strait. our finger tips could feel the burn and we barely made it thru the 3rd and last set. can’t wait to play there again as rumours are running rampant that we will return to the Innisfil area for NYE.

this past month we got our gear finally set up for the season. more on that in a post to come. for now, here’s some hooligan pics!


stage at lions club innisfil. yes the floor is slanted like that!


our eb3 takes a break at british arms. it was due for a setup after this show.


the creatures came out at british arms!


so did James from the Decibel Kings! sweet!

April 30, 2012

that’s a wrap April!

another month has flown by!


struggling with a flu bug for the later half of the month has made things more challenging but nonetheless, forward ho!

today we were sadden by the news that Molly’s Chamber, the cover act we left 7 weeks ago has now officially gone on hiatus. we thought it would be easy for them to find a replacement bassist as the material and the other players were quite solid. still unknown what exactly has transpired but its still sad news nonetheless. here’s to hoping they all land on their feet!


the dj nights at the Schomberg pub every Saturday have been a treat. the regulars and the casual atmosphere make for a great time out each and every time! its also been great to pick up on what’s new and happening in the music scene and to gauge what ppl want to hear. been havin’ a ball no matter who shows up!

also this past month, we’ve been jamming with a few guys we’ve known almost since day 1 on the bass. we have been lucky enuff to finally find a singer/guitarist that fits. so far its been a helluva lot of fun playing what we all like to play and hear in a no pressure/casual/just4kicks atmosphere. finally a group that wants to do a few Clash songs!


after Skipapalooza (pic=new sticks&bag this month!), the members of Rosalita asked us to become the permanent percussionist for the band. an offer in which we quickly/gladly accepted! its been a great way to keep our feet wet on the kit and also to learn/develop musically. the forecast calls for good times ahead & 2nite is our first official jam since the party. there’s lots of new material & a new bassist on the horizon as well!


Those Handsome Hooligans have been picking up speed for a rather hectic summer. expect more posts on that in the days ahead. expecting a tee shirt run in the near future. crazy! check out our posters while u sanitize!


lastly, we’ve been pickin’ at the ol’ geetar of late. been thinkin’ aboot an open mic nite in the near future. we’ll see. ah, so many songs, so little time… the fire that fuels us. new shoes this past month too! feels so good!

April 28, 2012

time 2 hooliganize!

things have been pumpin’ along swimmingly for Those Handsome Hooligans. 2 weeks ago, we rocked the house at Skipapalooza and this past week, we wrapped up a sweet set in Barrie for a 911 charity fundraiser. also, we’ve managed to score 13 gigs between April 14th and Sept. 8th which is quite the feat for a band made up of day jobbers with fams. we are nearing 50 songs on the setlist and a run of tees are on the horizon. we were already pretty tight with the weekly practices but now that we have so many shows, the tip of the rock iceberg remains to be seen. goin’ to be a lot of rockin’ out these next few months. lets hope the body can handle it and we’ll see how high it can soar!

here’s a few posters for our upcoming shows in Barrie this Spring/Summer. hope to see you there!



April 19, 2012


well its been a few days since our annual event, skipapalooza
at orleans in newmarket and how can we sum it up other than AWESOME!


we brought out the ol’ disco ball for added visual deeelite. so far in the few pics we’ve seen, the ball looks amazing!

drumming for rosalita & sounding not loud proved to be quite the struggle despite our best of intentions. sorry to any1 we annoyed! live&learn. onwards&upwards. our longest set ever in the books!

those handsome hooligans showed no rust from the 4 month baby break and played pretty much from 1030-215 excluding 2×5 minute breaks. we were all anxious to play indeed!

more pics as they come in. thx to all who came out, the bands and a special thanks to orleans! hands down the best venue in newmarket!