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October 25, 2011

jason priestly strings story

tom lees on granville

so we guess the time is getting just about right to finally blog about our experience at Tom Lee’s Music store in Vancouver this past summer. the reason being that the GHS brite flats strings we bought that day are now in use.

we stopped at Tom Lee’s on Granville to check out the much ballyhoo’d store and perhaps buy a pedal (that ended up being the EHX bassballs that we dearly love). so as we are trying out the pedal in a soundproof room we spied none other than 90210(amongst many other roles) star, Jason Priestly(JP) shopping in the guitar section with his rather large body guard/personal assistant in tow. being much interested in the pedals we were trying out we didn’t give it much of a 2nd thought until we were ready to pay for our pedal at the one and only cash. there in the lineup right behind us was JP.

we had discussed with the store help that we needed strings as well as the pedal yet as we were ringing up the total the strings we had decided on were nowhere to be found. so a search for the strings ensued followed by a struggle to find out actually how much the strings actually cost. now the lineup had gone to 1 to about 6 ppl in this time. how much time had gone by was beyond us since we were in no hurry. no one was really bothering JP but the more and more a crowd developed around the cash, the more and more JP and his large ass. man were getting nervous. it was obvious they were in a hurry and wanted no part of an impromptu autogoof session.

the situation was out of our control. there were 2 sets of flat strings we wanted to purchase cuz according to the staff they were on sale. but what the actual sale price was proving difficult to locate. the tension in the lineup was building and building. the expression on JP and his ass. man were priceless.

finally the staff relented the cash to JP and the others so they could be served while we waited for the price. a few evil eyes were given by the large ass. man but really the situation was the result of the staff and not us. in our mind, we’re thinking yer not quite the big deal u still think u are. none of the tweens in the lineup had recognized him and in real physical life JP was actually super small. we doubt he reaches 5 ft. on a good hair day.

after they departed, the tension eased and we discovered our strings only cost $10 a set. worth making JP wait any day! what a bargain! we left the store and there was no sight of JP anywhere. a trail of dust was all he left.

now its a been a few months since we bought those strings and they’ve been on our gibson bass for about 2 months. the review is that we don’t like them and will likely not use the 2nd set. the tone and feel is just not suited to us. no matter how we tweak things we just can’t seem to get a sound we like out of them. the best way we can describe it in words is that it sounds as if the tone is being choked. we’ve been using the bass/strings set up for jams just so they get some use b4 we replace them. but nonetheless, we’ll never forget the day we made a hollywood star wait so we could get bargain strings for 10 bux!

in a totally unrelated note, here’s a pic we took of a streetfight later that same day. the suit actually kept talking on the cell as he tried to break up the fight. the fight started when the 2 guys on the ground bumped each other and then it just escalated from there. some nasty punches were thrown and then it got broken up by onlookers and every1 went their separate ways. stay classy vancouver!

even wks after the canucks playoff loss there was still fighting in the streets!